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The team in iPiP Health can support you to significantly improve your capacity to deliver a measurable impact on health and wellbeing.

The team undertakes a broad range of work including gathering evidence to inform practice, getting evidence into practice and evaluating the impact.

We have particular expertise in public health (especially tobacco control), developing and implementing sector led improvement tools, and maternity care and early years.

We believe that to create sustainable and impactful change we need to take those most impacted on the journey with us utilising innovative approaches to engage and co create programmes and services with the target audience

iPiP Health is made up of a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of health professionals. Our key areas of expertise are in public health, maternity and early years. We have very specialised knowledge within tobacco control, behaviour change, maternity care and health visiting.

Our particular interest is in improving public health practice in a way that positively impacts on the health of the most vulnerable. We do this by taking (or creating) the evidence and making it work in practice. Our team works with academic partners, clients and communities developing and implementing pathways, protocols and training to ensure impactful and sustainable approaches.

iPiP Health often works collaboratively with individuals and organisations who have complementary skills and interests such as Activmob, Brilliant Futures and the Institute of Health Visiting.

We utilise our wider programmes and tools within our other divisions to support our health work programmes. Several of our iPiP health team are certified in Denison and are trained facilitators.

Current and recent clients include Public Health England, Health Education England, various local authorities, NHS Trusts, Local Maternity and Neonatal Systems, Clinical Commissioning Groups, CO Research Trust, Gas Distribution Networks, The World Health Organization and FCTC Secretariat.

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