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iPiP hosts the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre (TCCC) which was established in 2004 and undertakes a broad range of work associated with the practical implementation of tobacco control and smoking cessation measures.

The TCCC supports collaborative action and research whilst concentrating on putting the evidence into practice, to reduce harm particularly amongst the most vulnerable groups.

The work programme includes utilising a sector led improvement tool to support local health economies to assess and monitor progress (CLeaR). We support the implementation of smokefree mental health and secondary care, the reduction of smoking during pregnancy utilising our evidence based system wide approach babyClear and supporting the continued compliance with the smokefree legislation within England

The TCCC also undertakes an extensive international work programme, including supporting the work of the World Health Organization and the Secretariat of the FCTC. We offer help to other countries, working with them to develop and implement legislation to reduce the harm from tobacco use.

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