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What is the Denison model?

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Two unique features make the Denison Model and Solutions stand out beyond all the rest: the research and proven link to organisational performance. The Denison Model provides organisations with an easy-to-interpret approach to performance improvement based on sound research principles. The Culture Solutions have been deployed successfully in thousands of organisations around the world in a wide variety of situations, from strategic alignment to transformation and turnaround to new leader transitions. The Model links organisational culture to organisational performance metrics such as, Return On Investment (ROI), customer satisfaction, innovation, employee satisfaction, quality, safety and more.

The Denison Model uses 60 questions (completed in 20 minutes) to explore understanding of all twelve indices ( 5 questions per index) focusing on the four culture traits that have significant impact on performance in areas such as quality, innovation, employee satisfaction and financial performance.

The model is based on four key concepts/traits:

  • Mission – Why are we here and where do we want to go?
  • Consistency – Do we have the right systems and processes in place?
  • Involvement – Do we have staff who are committed and feel a sense of ownership?
  • Adaptability – Do we embrace change, understand whom we serve and learn?

There are also additional brief, reliable and valid modules that can be added to and strengthen the value of the information gathered in the main survey. These include Innovation, Safety, Risk, Engagement, Commitment and Trust.

The iPiP and Denison team can support you to understand the model, undertake a survey, use normative scoring to benchmark your organisation in relation to a global database; interpret the results by driving honest conversations which lead to thoughtful actions and result in higher performance.

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