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The facilitate this! team are dedicated to helping organisations deliver more impactful training and hold effective meetings

We can provide skilled facilitators to work with you to get the best out of the time and the people in your meetings and events through designing and facilitating your meeting. We can coach you to enhance your own meeting design or train you and your team to develop your skills and confidence in the design and facilitation of meetings and training.

facilitate this! is dedicated to delivering and developing professional facilitators for your meetings, events and training. Established in 1999, we have grown to, and continually strive to, represent excellence in the field of facilitation.

Our team are highly skilled and experienced trainers and IAF Certified Professional Facilitators CPF™ who bring with them experience of facilitating and training across a wide range of key sectors including public sector, sales, service, hotels and hospitality, construction, insurance and manufacturing. The skills and experience of a professional facilitator transfer to every industry and sector. We bring the people process skills and the tools to help you to organise, create, decide and plan your thinking, you bring the knowledge of your business, your marketplace, processes and products – a perfect combination for progress.

All our people and associates have been trained by us and continue to develop their skills in training and facilitation through master-class programmes and through national and international events designed to promote the art and mastery of training and facilitation. We draw on a whole range of methods, thinking and techniques to design the best possible meeting, workshop or event to help achieve your objectives, try us!

If you wish to focus on a key business requirement, development objective or build a facilitative style into your existing approach then read our Facili FOCUS section for ideas and examples of how we can help.

Our clients include a wide range of organisations within the private, public and charity sectors.

Click here to hear more from Amanda Stott, Lead Facilitator

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