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Karen Jones

Karen serves as the Managing Director for Denison Consulting Europe in the UK, Ireland & Nordics. She is based in the North of England but works as part of the European team, with the headquarters in the Lake Constance area, Germany. Her responsibilities include developing and supporting the partner network in the UK, Ireland & Nordics, whilst providing direct consulting services across the product and solutions portfolio of Denison Consulting.

Karen started her career in the National Health Service gaining personal experience of the importance of leadership and accountability for delivering promises to vulnerable clients. From specializing in plastic surgery, she moved into the academic study of psychology. She spent eight years in research at King’s College University, London gaining a research fellowship from Smith & Nephew whilst completing an MSc in Research Methods. She researched shared decision making and the impact of evidenced based practice within primary care at Newcastle University Medical School, where she acquired a respect for evidence based decision making. She has been invited to New Zealand as a visiting Lecturer, and as an External Examiner Stirling University, Scotland.

She has worked in corporate development driving a leaders/managers as coach initiative and incorporating lean methodology within project management. She spent three years within a company of occupational psychologists where she began to differentiate organisational culture and leadership climate. She has run her own firm where she combined an approach which enabled clients to drive a high performance culture and create a climate that encourages openness, trust and compassionate accountability.

Karen has worked both in private and public companies, in the board room and with the frontline. As an organisational development specialist & certified executive business coach she enjoys working with managers and leadership teams to explore how they can make an impact with the people who make a difference. Her approach blends the need for clarity on what needs to be done with how people feel whilst doing it, often working at the deeper level of attitude and mindset for sustainable transformative change.

Karen is Qualified in the following tools:

  • Denison Organisational Culture Survey (DOCS).
  • Denison Leadership Development Survey.
  • Decision Styles & Emotional Competence.
  • Insights Discovery (Personality preference).
  • Hogan (Leadership strengths, Derailers and Personal values)
  • Learning Agility (Leadership Potential).
  • Emotional Intelligence Profiling (Managing Myself for Impact).
  • Human Element (FIRO-B – relationships in teams).
  • Change Pro (Simulation).
  • Leader Focus Report (Hogan)
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