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Our Denison team are experts in organisation culture. They have been trained by Denison Europe, and iPiP is one of their formal partners.

Our aim is to accelerate organisations performance by supporting them to develop high performing cultures.

Our services are based on a systemic solution approach around cultural diagnostic tools and methodologies rooted in over 25 years of research. This research enables us to link specific and measurable culture characteristics directly to results, helping you identify the areas of cultural strength and weakness that are impacting your organisation’s performance.

Our strengths lie in translating seemingly complex concepts in an easy to understand approach that helps leaders identify the factors that most impact their success, an effective solution which is pragmatic yet innovative, integrating strategy and culture to drive results.

The Denison approach combines well with a storytelling approach to helping create a connected organisation, united behind a common purpose, where staff understand and believe in the journey of the organisation and the personal role they can play in its success.

Organisational culture refers to the underlying beliefs, values and assumptions held by members of an organisation and the practices and behaviours that exemplify and reinforce them.

Some aspects of organisational culture are very visible such as, acting friendly to clients or service users, others are harder to observe since they represent the invisible assumptions, values and core beliefs such as, ‘going beyond expectations’, doing things right first time, being honest and ethical in all transactions.

The messages that come from an organisation’s culture are closely linked to the organisation’s strategy and management practices and have a great impact on the people who work there.  For this reason, it is important to understand those aspects of your organisation’s culture that may influence its performance.

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