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Lisa Fendall

Lisa has a background in nursing and midwifery with 22 years’ experience in smoking cessation.

She has worked as a specialist midwife within busy units in deprived areas of South Yorkshire implementing evidence based smoking cessation interventions and this has led to her developing a great understanding and insight into the barriers to cessation faced by both health care professionals and smokers.

Lisa is an experienced trainer and facilitator, she has developed and provided training for those working in some of the most deprived areas of the country. Her work as a specialist midwife in Rotherham led to the development of a unique approach, now known as the ‘Risk Perception’ Intervention. Working together with the iPiP team, a training programme for midwives has been developed and the intervention forms part of the babyClear approach and has been implemented widely across the UK with great success.

She has developed and delivered training programmes for staff working in prisons, pharmacies, GP practice, secondary care and mental health settings. Lisa has delivered face to face practitioner training across many areas, participated in research programmes and has written articles for publication in the BJM and Nursing in Practice. Lisa has also developed and delivered training webinars such as the IMPACT SERIES and educational tools to support clinical staff in primary care and was part of the Enhance Programme with Dr Alex Bobak, Gay Sutherland, Jennifer Percival and Darush Akhtar.

Lisa has the insights, understanding and knowledge required to deliver high quality training to health professionals, supporting them to deliver evidence based and impactful interventions.

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