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Scott Mair – Director Fatherhood Solutions

Scott Mair

Scott Mair, is an expert in paternal mental health and parenting. Navigating the uncharted waters of fatherhood, Scott provides invaluable insights into the often overlooked intersection of paternal mental health and effective parenting. He seamlessly combines professional expertise with a compassionate approach, drawing from his own lived experiences and the evidence base to offer a comprehensive guide for fathers facing the challenges of parenthood and those seeking to support them.

At the forefront of change, Scott works at a national and local level, advocating for greater father inclusivity and emphasising the vital role fathers play in family dynamics. His initiatives include the successful establishment of fathers’ support networks, leveraging his military background as an Infantry soldier to create a specialised network for fathers on the frontline. Scott extends his consultancy services to health organisations and the corporate sector.

A sought-after keynote speaker and frequent guest lecturer, Scott engages with current and future healthcare practitioners and family services. His focus extends to understanding the father’s journey, especially during the perinatal period, underscoring the importance of early engagement to provide emotionally supported parents and ensure the best possible outcome for children.

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