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Public perceptions of a smokefree NHS: PHE Blog suggests the way forward based on insights

In the latest PHE blog Russ Moody describes the lengths the South West Office have gone to find out what people really think about a smoke free NHS and what the true picture is. This was accomplished by a focus group and full audit of sites. Both the audit and the focus group initially concentrated on ‘enforcement’. But PHE see things differently and want to encourage people in hospital (whether patients, visitors or staff) to stop smoking for good, as opposed to stopping them smoking on site only to continuing smoking once they’ve left. Fortunately this also resonated with the focus group who felt advice from a professional was not only to be expected, but also far more beneficial than if it came from family and friends. They were also supportive of e-cigarettes (See our blog on the E-cigarette summit here)

The group felt strongly that any healthcare staff smoking gives the wrong message and challenged PHE and the NHS to ‘raise the bar’.

At the TCCC we have had masses of experience in assisting the NHS and others to go smoke free. We agree with Russ’s findings.

Read the full blog here

Read more about how to achieve a smokefree NHS in the latest edition of Health Matters which includes a set of infographics and slides to support local commissioning and service delivery, as well as best practice case studies.

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