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E Cigarette Summit – 17th November

The E-Cigarette Summit takes place at The Royal Society on Friday 17th November. An important event for those working to reduce the harm caused by smoking. In view of the amount of discussion in the news and elsewhere this could be a lively session!

If you would like to view the full programme please go to www.e-cigarette-summit.com

Since the inaugural meeting in November 2013, The E-Cigarette Summit has been at the forefront of taking forward the scientific and public health discussions around e-cigarettes and harm reduction debates. The Summit has established itself as a neutral environment for scientists, policy makers, medical and public health professionals and stakeholders to come together and look at the latest scientific research and evidence on e-cigarettes and debate their impact.  This year welcomes renowned presenters from many international communities and will look at how the UK’s position differs in its approach to Harm Reduction and will be chaired by Prof Ann McNeill.

The Summit will examine the latest research on health impacts and explore the role of tobacco control in an increasingly diverse and innovative nicotine market.  With smoking levels falling in most developed countries, the Summit will look at the attitudes to harm reduction and its contribution to smoking cessation.

The E-Cigarette Summit provides an evidence based platform to look beyond the rhetoric and understand the issues that lie behind differing perspectives and policy positions. If you would like to have your say and join the debate, please register on-line at www.e-cigarette-summit.com


Key Topics Include:

  • The Tobacco Control Plan for England –Tim Baxter, DoH
  • Improving the quality of research on e-cigarettes  – Prof. Robert West, University College London
  • Values and the “Continuum of Harm Reduction” – Prof Amy Fairchild Texas, A&M School of Public Health
  • A neutral assessment of The Foundation for a Smoke- Free World – Prof Jean Francois Etter, University of Geneva Switzerland
  • Relative Risk of Cancer for Smoking, E-Cigarettes and Heat not Burn – Dr Ed Stephens, University of St Andrews
  • Toxicant and Carcinogen exposure associated with long term e-cigarette use – Dr Lion Shahab, University College London
  • Cardiovascular health and nicotine – Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, University of Patras
  • Applying the Cochrane Review gold standard to other meta data analysis on smoking cessation – Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group, Oxford University
  • The impact of Long term e-cigarette use on lung health – Prof Riccardo Polso MD , University of Catania
  • Regulation of Heat not Burn versus e-cigarettes – Deborah Arnott (ASH)
  • Regulatory Updates –  MHRA and BCAP
  • The independent vape sector and their relationship with smokers and vapers – Matthew Moden, IBVTA
  • A challenge to medicinal regulators in their expectations of ENDS – David Graham, NJOY
  • The challenge of reaching current smokers – Martin Dockrell (PHE) & Louise Ross, Leicester City Council
  • The impact of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation – Prof. David Levy, Georgetown University
  • Ethical issues raised by the Australian ban on Electronic Nicotine Devices – Prof Wayne Hall, University of Queensland
  • Remembering  the impact on human life in discussion on harm reduction– Sarah Jakes, Vaper and New Nicotine Alliance

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