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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Saving Lives Advancing Treatment – the launch

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On the 11th October the APPCOG launched the report Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Saving Lives Advancing Treatment in Portcullis House, the session was introduced by Barry Sheerman MP. He said that the report highlights that symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are often being misdiagnosed. This is particularly worrying in pregnancy as CO poisoning transfers to the foetus. barryCapture

Health experts know that CO exposure leads to more than 30 people a year losing their lives and 200 people being admitted to hospital.  But it is not yet known how many undiagnosed cases return home, become ill again, or die from continued exposure to CO. The experts believe these figures could be a gross underestimation and the actual cost to the NHS is likely to be much more than the current estimate of £178million per annum.






The launch of the new report included short presentations delivered by a number of experts. Dr Ed Walker put CO into context, describing it as a major poison; Hilary Wareing explained the role of CO monitoring in pregnancy and the effects of CO on foetuses; Dr Steven White described the effects of CO on the brain. Other invited representatives including Sarah Fox from the Royal College of Midwives; Marc Rainey from the London Ambulance Service and Dr Dimanopoulos representated Public Health England.























The panel then responded to comments, including reference to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, and questions, such as ‘Can we have agreement on what is a safe level?’, before the whole audience were encouraged to take the twenty-six recommendations for the report and make them real.










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Read the full report here


The report was by the COMed groisabellaup. CoMed is a healthcare sub-group of the APPCOG Stakeholder forum. The group is chaired by one of iPIP’s associates Isabella Myers (left), attended by iPIP director Hilary Wareing and Bob Mayho was a previous participant. (Read more about our team here)

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