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About us

Improving Performance in Practice (iPiP),  previously known as PMA, is a consortium of public health practitioners with a track record of successful delivery at a local, national and international level.

The Centre undertakes a broad range of work including gathering evidence to inform practice, getting evidence into practice and evaluating the impact.

We are especially interested in using an assets based approach in the development of public health initiatives, utilising innovative insights work to engage and co create programmes and services with the target audience.  The involvement of a range of stakeholders through collaboration is a key element of how we work.

iPiP runs a major public health development programme which has been delivered in over 40 areas with participants drawn from a wide variety of disciplines.  iPiP is especially experienced in addressing the public health and health inequalities agenda and has undertaken audits relating to life expectancy and infant mortality targets.  In particular, iPiP has been involved in developing programmes addressing infant mortality, redesigning of health visiting and district nursing in a number of health economies.

iPiP hosts the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre (TCCC), which is part of the Smokefree Action Coalition.

The TCCC have become associated with the practical implementation of tobacco control and smoking cessation measures concentrating on getting evidence into practice to reduce harm amongst the most vulnerable groups.  The work programme includes supporting implementation of smokefree mental health, undertaking rapid reviews of the role of stop smoking services in reducing harm from tobacco and tackling health inequalities, supporting the reduction of smoking during pregnancy, promoting smokefree homes and supporting continued compliance with smokefree legislation.  A number of team members also act as expert advisors for the World Health Organization (WHO).

iPiP has recently established the Environmental Health Collaborating Centre (EHCC) which builds upon the success of the long-established Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre (TCCC).

The EHCC works across the full range of professional practice of environmental health incorporating the disciplines of food, housing, health and safety in the workplace, environmental protection and health protection.

The Centre is led by environmental health professionals Ian Gray and Paul Hooper and supported by a number of nationally recognised environmental health experts, some previously employed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) as principal policy officers.

This unique repository of knowledge and experience is available to local authorities and others to provide help, advice and support for all aspects of environmental health practice, research and promotion.

iPiP often works collaboratively with individuals and organisations who have complementary skills and interests such as Activmob and Brilliant Futures.  Current clients include: Public Health England, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), various local authorities, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and The World Health Organization.

iPiP was previously known as Public Management Associates (PMA), but has recently changed the name to better reflect what we do and how we work.


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